Bringing Concepts to Reality Through Quality Coding and Design.

Kelvin Checo, a Web Designer/ Developer based in NYC.

Throughout years of utilizing the most popular medium and always being connected with the art industry and latest design trends, Kelvin has found his home in Web Design & Development. While his strengths are mostly in web development, design - specifically UI/UX design - piques his interest. His skills in active listening, being attentive to detail, and problem-solving helps in creating solutions that meets the consumer's needs. Customer service, a clean & responsive web design, and an optimal user experience is on the highest pedestal.



It starts off with understanding your vision and the challenges you are working to solve. Through meetings via VOIP (Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.) or sittig down having coffee, we explore ways to accomplish your goal and cater to your audience. We will discuss design elements and new/existing technologies.


Based on the information collected from our meeting, mockups/prototypes will be presented to provide a visual guidance of the final product. This will assist with confirming design style, content placement, and allow for small-group testing prior to development.


Development begins once we agree the prototype achieves the goals set. In this mobile-driven world, we understand responsive web design is key and we will ensure your web application is accessible on any device.


As we launch the concept, we celebrate as your audience begins to visit your new brand. Testing & feedback from the audience will drive the proper maintenance needed to continue meeting the initial goals established.

Dora's HPP

Recognized as a leading distributor of HPP beverages in the country, Dora's is now offering a comprehensive solution to meet clients' HPP tolling needs - and so much more - in their new facility located less than 2 miles from our main office and distribution warehouse.

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Dora's Naturals

Dora's Naturals is a privately owned distributor of natural and organic perishable products. They are part of a family of companies all family owned which include Elmhurst Dairy, Mountainside Farms, and Steuben Foods.

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Cooperative Cleaning of NY

Cooperative Cleaning is a worker-owned home cleaning agency committed to delivering high-quality services to Airbnb hosts and home owners, and high-quality jobs for cleaning professionals. Their cleaners receive extensive training in cleaning best practices, Airbnb policies, and professional conduct within the home.

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Pomares Law Group

A law firm based in Hempstead, NY whose focus is on workers compensation & disability law.

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Maximum Barbershop

A barbershop located in the center of the Bronx near Fordham University. Through their quality service mission they offer discounted prices for neighboring businesses.

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Iridescence Designs

A jewelry boutique founded by five hand-crafting designers in 2012.

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Cooperative Home Care Associates

A nationally recognized, worker-owned home care agency in the Bronx. CHCA was founded in 1985 to provide quality home care to clients by providing quality jobs for direct-care workers.

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